Begging for a Facial

I want you to glaze my face, but first I want to tease you and build up a massive load. I give you a sensual striptease, licking my lips, wild with desire. Stare while I rub my hands over my perky tits and round pale ass. Feel your cock thickening in your pants. Then I crawl towards you, ready to unwrap that rock hard dick. I wrap my wet mouth around your shaft, greedily sucking away. You see my bubble butt behind me as my head bobs up and down. Fuck my face and make me gag. I just want to taste you in the back of my throat. My eyes water and my makeup blurs, but I keep sucking and stroking. I came here to get a massive facial, and I wont stop until you give me the cum I need. Coat my eager little face in your semen. You better empty your balls for me!